The ideal solution for any small business.
Professionally managed Health Spending Account for your company.
A Tax-Free Benefit. Tax free to your employees, Tax deduction (business expense) to your company.

As a small business owner, 519Plan is a great way for you to offer a tax-free benefit to you and your employees. You decide the annual limit for your staff - which can be different amounts for different "categories" of employees. Employees are able to claim up to those limits across a broad range of items.

Sample HSA Limits & Costs Single Limit Family Limit
Incorporated Companies $ Any amount $ Any amount
Enrollment Fee (one time) $300 $300
HSA Aministration Fees 10% of Claim amount 10% of Claim amount
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Using Pre-Tax dollars to pay for HealthCare. The Canadian Government considers HealthCare expenses to be Tax-free if managed within a Health Spending Account.

NoteAre you looking to be tax-efficient with how you and your employees pay for HealthCare expenses? A Health Spending Account creates an environment for companies to pay for HealthCare expenses using pre-tax dollars. Use the calculator below to help you understand the financial savings of using pre-tax vs. after-tax dollars.

  Without 519Plan: With 519Plan:
Health or Dental Expense:
Your company would have to pay the employee $4687 in order for them to have $3000 after-tax dollars to pay for the expenses.

(Taxes = $1687 based on a 36% tax rate).
Your company pays for the expenses, plus a 10% HSA Admin Fee of $300.

Note: Applicable sales tax applies to admin fees. Taxes and enrollment fee are excluded for this calculator.
Employee Tax Rate:
Total Company Cost: $4687 $3300
Company Saving: $1387
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Flexible Limits. You decide if you want to extend different limits for different "categories" of employees.

With the 519Plan, you have control over how to manage the HSA limits offered to your employees. You are able to create different HSA limits for Single vs. Family and, Executive vs. Managers vs. Full time. Or you can give everyone the same amount… it's up to you!

Other Limit control options within the 519Plan include: New hire Waiting Period, New hire pro-rating, Credit Carry Forward, and Expense Carry Forward. All these features work together to create an HSA plan that is custom for you!

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How it all works. Curious about how the whole reimbursement process works? It's easy.

Utilizing a Health Spending Account starts by the employee making a purchase or by having a partially paid expense in the event of another insurance plan. National HealthClaim coordinates the whole process between the employee submitting a claim and their company funding the reimbursement (up to the appropriate limit). It runs like a Swiss Watch!

Watch a short video to learn more.

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Flexible Funding. You decide how and when to pay for the plan.

With the 519Plan, you have two funding options:

  1. Pay-as-you-go funding where notifications are sent (email) to the company administrator whenever an employee claim is submitted. The company then provides funding (cheque or online bill payment) to cover the claim plus an administration fee. If no claims are submitted, there is no funding needed.
  2. Pre-funding where a block of money (any amount) can be submitted (cheque or online bill payment) to create a funding pool that is automatically drawn against for each approved claim.

The choice is yours, and in either case, you will receive an email notification automatically when more funding is required. And at any time you can login to the secure 519Plan website to see the current financial status of your plan.

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We've Got You Covered. 519Plan offers a large range of allowable expenses.

Having an HSA doesn't mean much if you can't claim what you need. A 519Plan HSA covers a wide range of expenses, and you can put as much towards any expense you want (up to the yearly limit), including:

  • Dental (Basic & Major)
  • Orthodontics
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Paramedical Services
  • Vision Care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractor
View a complete list of allowable expenses...
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Easy. Secure. Reliable. Built on National HealthClaim's enterprise grade systems.

We've spent a lot of time and effort into creating a world class infrastructure that is secure and reliable. Online access for employees means that they can create a claim quickly and easily. For Plan Administrators, our online admin tool makes adding employees and modifying your plan painless.

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Start Now. We've made it as simple as possible to get started.

Enrollment is surprisingly simple with all employees being eligible. There are no medical questions, no pre-existing conditions, and no employee age limits. You can get your 519Plan up and running right away and with our ability to "back-date" the effective date of coverage (first year only), you can claim old receipts right away.

Use our handy Cost Calculator to find out what cost and coverage options will work for you. Once you are ready to go, click the Signup link to start the enrollment process.

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